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Weight Management : Nutrition and free online classes

Weight management refers to behaviour, technique, and physiological processes that contribute to a person’s ability to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Most weight management techniques encompass long-term lifestyle strategies that encourage healthy meal and daily physical activity. Weight management strategies most often focus on achieving healthy weights through slow but steady weight loss and weight gain, followed by maintenance of an ideal body weight. Understanding the basic science of weight management and strategies for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is very important because obesity is a risk factor for development of many chronic diseases, like Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

We help you to achieve your goal. The journey to reach your goals starts with balanced nutrition, exercise and a personalized plan that keeps you energized, focused and motivated. For nutrition, we’ll focus on helping you reach optimum levels of six key elements. According to GNP (Global Nutrition Philosophy) our philosophy is based on balanced nutrition – a combination of foods and nutritional supplements that help you meet your daily needs, coupled with the right calorie balance to help you lose, gain or maintain your ideal body weight. A well-balanced diet helps to supply the protein, vitamins and minerals you need. We guide you how to loss weight and give free online classes for guidance of best wellness coaches.

What should your ‘healthy meal’ contain?

Protein: Helps to build and repair muscle.

Carbohydrate: Main fuel source; provides fiber.

Fat: Helps in absorbing fat-soluble vitamins & maintaining healthy cells.

Vitamins and Minerals: Energy production and immune function.

Fluids: Hydration.

 A Path Towards Healthy Weight

Explore a way where to look good means to feel good with a wide range of Herbalife Nutrition’s healthy and ideal weight solutions. From products that help you take the healthy way to lose weight to the ones that help you maintain an ideal weight, we’ve got them all.Tailored with science and nutrients, our products help you get your goal with balanced nutrition. 

Strike A Healthy Diet

A healthy meal is one which fulfills your daily need for all necessary nutrients. Herbalife Nutrition’s Formula 1 Shake Mix makes sure that you never have to compromise on your nutritional supplement and support. We provide multiple flavours that can turn a uninteresting meal into a flavoursome healthy meal substitute. F1 is a nutritional shake mix for weight control and management. Comes in 9 different flavours. It contains soy protein isolate.

Your New Healthy Mate

A change in your unhealthy meal is a shake away. Our most versatile product, ShakeMate is a high-quality protein drink mix which gives your Formula 1 Shake the perfect partner. It makes your shake taste great. It provides a boost of daily essential nutrients like Protein, Vitamin, and Calcium. And provides approximately 1/3rd of Lactose when compared to 300ml of Skimmed Milk. It contains high quality protein- PDCAAS1.

Protein Strength

Protein is the building blocks for the body. It contain 21 amino acids in which 9 are essential must be consumed in the diet and 12 are non-essential can be made by the body. It helps control hunger and keep you from feeling hungry between meals. Herbalife Nutrition provide products to complete your protein intake which can help control your longing while boosting your body with energy. Personalized Protein Powder is a best way to increase your protein consumption. Best quality protein helps you to maintain your energy level between meals and maintain lean muscle mass.


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